Red 1

Red is for kids 10 and under. This level uses a lower compression red felt ball, which is 15% larger than a regular tennis ball, a 36-foot red court, a two-foot nine-inch net and 23-inch (Red 1 and 2) and 25-inch (Red 3) racquets. The red ball allows for a slower rebound off the racquet and lower bounce off the ground, allowing the kids to cover the full court while controlling the balls, leading to more successful play. There are three levels in this category that the players have to progress through to get to the next stage. 

  • Ages 5-8
  • Play on 36 foot court with Red Felt ball & 2’9” net height and up to 23” racquets.
  • Developmental Focus: Movement in different directions, stopping and balancing
    • Contact with the simple control of the ball
    • Rallying by  throwing, catching and hitting
  • Goal: Knowing Basic strokes: forehand, backhand, volley & serve
    • Working with a partner on simple tasks
    • Counting in vs out and simple scoring


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