Orange 1

Orange This level uses orange felt balls that have 50% compression of regular tennis balls, a 60-foot orange-level court, a three-foot net and up to 25-inch racquets. The 60-foot court is also ideal for 10 & Under competitions. This level builds on the skills developed in the Red-level classes, with the integration of more spatial and time constraints. The utilization of control, spin and positioning is introduced, including the ability to consistently rally from the baseline including crosscourt. At the end of this lesson, players will be able to serve on balance with a consistent action and higher contact, as well as play in short singles matches and team events. 

  • Ages 7-10
  • Play on 60 foot court with orange felt Balls & & 3”net height and up to 25” racquets
  • Developmental Focus: Quick & efficient movement
    • Coordinated rotation and use of both arms
    • Effective swing shapes including spin
    • Rallying from the baseline including crosscourt (orange court)
  • Goal: Serving on balance with a consistent action & higher contact
    • Short singles matches & team events


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