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Management and Services

Elite Racquet Sports is well versed in providing turn-key tennis management for Tennis Clubs, Sports facilites, Hotels & Resorts, Country Clubs, HOA's, Private Residences and more. We are able to place first-class tennis professionals and supporting staff into a facility and from day one, we can handle it all.

You will be surprised to learn that for what you had intended to offer as a Director’s salary, you can obtain so much more through a partnership with Elite Racquet Sports.

Here’s a list of what we oversee for many of our clients:

  • Create and manage club tennis programming, which includes: private lessons, dynamic group programming, camps, leagues, USTA teams and/or tournaments, special events, charitable events, etc.
  • Pro shop management/ownership which includes full service racquet stringing/repair
  • Facility management: daily clay court maintenance, seasonal opening/closing, etc.
  • Attend, report and advise at committee/board meetings
  • Regular management meetings with GM’s or club owners
  • Daily and monthly accounting practices
  • Club budgeting/forecasting
  • Membership satisfaction/feedback surveys
  • Club renovations and design