Green is for ages 9-11-years-old. This level uses a 78-foot green-level court, up to 27-inch racquets and green dot balls, which have about 75% compression of regular tennis balls. By using lower compression balls, players have a little extra time to react and prepare for each incoming ball. In this class, the focus is on movement to, from and around the ball. The players are technically sound and tactically engaged. They are able to determine their style of play and how it matches with other styles of play. Both singles and doubles strategy is incorporated in this class. At this stage, players are ready to actively participate in regular tournaments.

  • Ages 9-11
  • Play on 78 foot court with Green Dot ball and up to 27” racquets
  • Developmental Focus: xcellent movement to,from and around the ball
    • Coordinated use of all parts of the body
    • Adapted stances and strokes based upon the intended shot
    • Changing the flight, spin and speed of the ball
  • Goal: Refining serve technique including second serve
    • Developing a tactical game plan around attack & defend


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