Jr Academy 1

The Junior Academy programs are for children ages 11-18-years-old. This level uses a 78-foot court and yellow ball. The Junior Academy has three levels, which the players progress through. Players learn the fundamentals, technique, and strategy, with the emphasis on preparing for competition. A major component of the program is drills and play-based activities, overhead serves and game-based drills. In addition, special conditioning is offered to measure a player’s endurance, balance, strength, speed and agility.

Our dedicated tennis professionals are equipped to train juniors from beginners to collegiate levels, and has produced top-ranked juniors with numerous college scholarships. Each player is given the not only the training but also mentorship to ensure their long-term tennis development. 

  • Beginner Players Ages 11-15
  • 78' court/ yellow ball
  • Developmental Focus: Multidirectional movement patterns
    • Coordinating, recognition, reaction and preperation
    • Creating & sustaining a rally
    • Coordinating both arms working together during a serve motion
  • Goal: Simple sending & receiving
    • Scoring & introduction to doubles


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